Below you will find various business cases of the Nipper.

Pallet weight: 800kg
Products: food products for human consumption.

The Nipper controls pallet transport (50 mtr.) between two robot cells for palletising, pallet wrapper and buffer area of packed pallets. Controlling the empty pallet infeed, full pallets outfeed, wrapping process and placing of packed pallets in buffer area. No human interference as Nipper sets and receives machine commands. This create 100% automation.

Pallet weight: 200-700kg
Products: cosmetics.

Pallettransport (100mtr) between production lines and warehouse area. The Nipper receives missions from different robot cells. A mission to bring an empty pallet to a robot or a mission to bring a full pallet from a robot to the warehouse. The Nipper controls multiple speed doors, pallet dispensers and availability of free pallet positions in the warehouse.


Pallet weight: 500-1000kg
Products: boxes.

The Nipper takes care for the infeed and outfeed of the Dino Stretch Hood. Herefor we use an external communication cabinet. The customer developed his own application to trigger the missions and take out the information of the fleet.

Pallet weight: 600-800kg
Products: mechanical parts for automotive industry.

Pallet transport of finished products to warehouse (100-500mtr). The customer is expanding the Nipper use throughout the factory where more production lines are added into the project. The missions are created by a WMS-system. The warehouse pallet positions are equipped with lights reserving positions addressed to a Nipper mission.

Pallet weight: 600-750kg
Products: cosmetics.

Pallet transport of finished products from multiple production lines to pallet wrapper (200-300mtr).

The connection with the wrapper is made by an F3-Design pallet lift, controlled by the Nipper. Beside finished pallets the Nipper will feed raw material towards the production lines. These missions are created by combining a pallet position and ERP-system input.